Setup NXDN Reflector ???

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Setup NXDN Reflector ???

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Hi all,

We have dedicated reflector for our repeater on YSF so when some of us are away we can call back through our repeater using hotspots etc without having to use a busy "public" reflector.

I have been looking for information about setting up a NXDN Reflector of our own to use in a similar way.

Any information regarding what hardware is required and if available a step by step guide installing a NXDN reflector would be most welcome.

Many thanks in advance for any help.
Mike G1ZRN.
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Re: Setup NXDN Reflector ???

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Theres no step by step help file afaik. just your own ability to learn up on it as you go along.

Isnt the reflector code on Jon's Git?
Prob. In amognst Nxdn clients. If so theres prob. a basic readme there. But usually make, install, configure and run up on any debian type device. Even something as simple as a Pi if its just for a 'limited' 'private' connection type thingy.

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