STM32 repeater builder pi-hat RSSI setup

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STM32 repeater builder pi-hat RSSI setup

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Hi all

I have a STM32 repeater builder pi-hat board on my MMDVM repeater.

I would like to setup the RSSI, but need to know how to setup the RSSI pot. If I go into MMDVMCal and run the RSSI test. I can see the figures and if I adjust the POT this figure changes.

I have my radio test setup on RX and can adjust the RX level and see change.

Can anyone help, is their a voltage I need to setup?

My radios are GM350’s and I have a feed for RSSI on pin 15.

I did look on the repeater builder website but could see any setup information. I have the version 3 board.



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