Micronode Teensy MMDVM firmwre upgrade

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Micronode Teensy MMDVM firmwre upgrade

Post by aa9vi » Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:38 pm

Hi there. I have a Micronode Teensy MMDVM controller. It uses a v3.2 board. I followed the MMDVM firmware upgrade procedure here:
and now it won't work with the pi. The upgrade seemed to go just fine. I saw it flash on the TeensyDuino pop up box and it rebooted, as expected. But, when I connected it to pi star, I could not get it to work => meaning no TX/RX repeat or even flashing LEDs when I invoked a PTT on the radio. The Teensy unit does boot up with LEDs but the orange HB light only blinks every 1s as opposed to a "good" unit that has a rapidly flashing LED when in operation.

Is the procedure outlined in the PDF missing steps?
Can I use Arduino 1.8.7 IDE and TeensyDuino 1.4.4? ( I used the latest versions of Arduino IDE and Teensyduino as well as the versions in the PDF)
Does anyone have experience with the upgrade procedure and can you post detailed steps?

Any help is appreciated.

Mike, AA9VI

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