STM32-DVM "Repeater not found"

Help with other MMDVM Repeater Boards (with NO onboard RF)
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STM32-DVM "Repeater not found"

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Good afternoon,

I am running the following :

- Latest Pi-Star Software
- Raspberry Pi 3 B+
- STM32-DVM w / latest firmware
- 2 x Motorola CDM1250 VHF
- Duplexer (Properly tuned for 146.120 / 146.720)
- 4 Bay antenna @ 25' AGL SWR 1.2:1 on both 146.120 / 146.720
- handheld, I use for around the house/testing, is an Anytone 878UV.

My repeater (DMR 302005) only has DMR activated, but I have tested it using D-Star and my TH-D74A. When using DMR, every now and then occasionally after the second and subsequent transmissions I will get a message pop up that says "Repeater not found". At this time, the Pi-Star dashboard indicates that it is listening for DMR, but it will also indicate that is receiving my TX. However, after a second I will get this error "Repeater Not Found".

My frequencies are correct as I have tested the outputs of both my handheld and the TX radio of my repeater setup using other transceivers. Is this a matter of timing? hang time? or some obscure configuration that I have not set properly. (PS : I did invert RX, as that is required by the STM32-DVM Hat)
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Re: STM32-DVM "Repeater not found"

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You might try using the RSSI feature with a connection to the CDM radio.
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