Zum-Radio and YSF

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Zum-Radio and YSF

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Hi All
I have been playing with my zum radio and so far pretty happy with it, I have one small issue with YSF on VHF
if i press the wires x button on one of my radios, i see the pi-star rx and it then tx the connect, but I cant decode the the transmission, on the ft70 I see the coloured leds come on, but no connection, I have been through the trimmer pot tx range from end to end and tried different settings in pi-star ysf tx level and the low ysf deviation, the only difference is either the radio doesnt go into tx, or its seen as FM or not decoded, the FT70 LEDs show the correct colours as if its connected.. if I move to UHF on same radio after some inital basic trimmer pot adjustment all is well.
and all works on a different 2m/70cm rig, So yes its something this radio doesnt like but I am stuck with it for the moment, also it works fine tx/rx on d-star vhf/uhf, and a bit hit and miss on dmr...

any suggestions of other settings/places to look, I am not sure if its tx level too high or low? or something else


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