Unable to read firmware version

Help with other MMDVM Repeater Boards (with NO onboard RF)
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Unable to read firmware version

Post by M0LMK »

I've been given this board to play with and the first obstacle seems to be a firmware issue.


Is there a guide on how to flash the firmware on this? Also, what modem should be selected in pi-star?

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Re: Unable to read firmware version

Post by KE7FNS »

Looks like a clone of a POG board design to me.


Since that board doesn't use GPIO pins 38 and 40 you are going to HAVE to short JP1 and power it up in order for the STM32 to enter bootloader mode to get past the failed to init error and get the STM32 flashed.

It uses MMDVM firmware, not MMDVM_HS so you are going to have to download and compile the firmware yourself.

There is also a mention of a pin that gets shorted out causing it to not respond in this thread.

Modem selection should be:
STM32-DVM / MMDVM_HS - Raspberry Pi Hat (GPIO)

It should be using /dev/ttyAMA0 (the normal RPi serial port)
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