STM-32 and FT-7800 sort of works

Help with other MMDVM Repeater Boards (with NO onboard RF)
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STM-32 and FT-7800 sort of works

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I’m setting up a recently acquired STM-32 V4 board + Rpi 3+ as a hotspot using a FT-7800.

Hotspot TX works fine on Anytone. Great audio reports both ways. BER ~ 1% I am loving the increased range using an antenna on my roof.

But -
No copy on Hytera or Moto portables.
Hytera and Moto both have essentially 0 BER on Rx.

FT-7800 set up for 9600 and Wide.

Tried repeater builder tuning instructions. Tx pot hit clicks at 35 turns CW, lost count at > 200 CCW and not hit the edge yet.

A few questions for those that might have been here before.

1. How many turns on the Tx pot end to end? Wondering if I’m getting close?
2. What am I actually adjusting? Deviation, level or offset? Guessing deviation or level but wanted to confirm. I’m assuming from what I’ve read this is a level or deviation issue and not a Offset BER issue? Does that sound right?
3. Can MMDVMCal help me here?

I have no test equipment so wondering what’s the best workflow to sort this out.

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