Satoshi GMSK boards?

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Satoshi GMSK boards?

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Is there any support for the older Satoshi GMSK boards? They used to work with gmsk_repeater, but not sure if all of that just kind of died when MMDVM came on-board?

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Re: Satoshi GMSK boards?

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When you setup pistar, config it to run with a Dstarrepeater setup, and not the MMDVM setup. You'll then find the gmsk modem in the drop down modem selection panel in the config.

If you need to ' fine tune' settings you can do from the pistar dashboard
... /admin/expert/edit_dstarrepeater.php and fine tune specific settings needed to ensure the correct use of ur device.

Obvs. you'll only have the ability to run DSTAR mode as the board doesn't support other modes and isn't supported in MMDVM host.

Andrew M1DNS, (Mod)

Andrew M1DNS.
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