Tips with multiple Hotspots

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Tips with multiple Hotspots

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If you have more than one Hotspot and get confused which dashboard is which or just want to customize it here are some ideas,

Colors are a great way to identify hotspots. Sequence numbers are good as well but are more limited.

- Start with a new new pistar backup

- We already started with Red because that is the PiStar default color.
Try these other choices using the Expert Tool, CSS and changing the Banners code:
Blue = 0174DF, even = eeffee, odd = ecffe5
Brown = 61380B
Green = 2C9759, even = ccffcc, odd = ecffe5
Yellow = D7DF01
Also look at viewtopic.php?f=38&t=1553
Note: these values are not saved at this time with backup and restore.

- Make sure your Freq is unique and away from Repeater inputs and Sats. Study local band plans.
If you get desperate for space a duplex hot spot can transmit on 426mhz but your radio can't.

- Reduce transmit power if you are always 10 feet away maybe use a dummy load screw cap. This is all optional, just tips.

- Change the HostName to match such as "pi-star-green"

- Modify the router DHCP so the Hotspots are allocated fixed and possibility according to the
BrandMeister sequence. Such as pi-star-green suffix 01, IP address not a biggie but helps.

- Program you radios channel memory with the new color codes so you will see: GreenBM91 or BlueNewEnglandWide

- If you use Putty for Telnet access then you can change the default background color to match.
Green RGB = 45 113 53. Make Text white in this case.

- If you need to Change date format when using Nextion displays. Telnet: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

- Use colored electrical tape around the display of the Hotspot. Write down: Freq, IP and BM unit # on the back.

Enjoy have fun it's not going to work perfectly the first time. Electrical tape moves a bit and
colors that are too close turn to mush.

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