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Port Forward

Post by kc8ycz » Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:08 pm

If anyone needs to access the Pi-Star Dashboard outside their network (not in the same location) you can forward the ports in the router to help with this. This way it does not change anything in the Pi-Star files.
First thing is to have your router set the static IP. This way if you take your equipment with you (hotspot) then you wont have to worry about the IP address. I will do a right up for that at a later date.
1. Log into your router. Many websites on google will help with this. Start with http://setuprouter.com to learn that. https://portforward.com/ to learn how to forward ports.
2. Find the area that says virtual server or port forwarding. It may be under the Wan option or firewall. Depends on the router.
3. In no particular order. Once found add a name for example Pistar Dash. Then the IP of your Pi-Star device. Most routers will let you pick any IP address as long as it is not end in 1 or 254 and matches the router (example Some routers will let you use 254, mine does.
4. Now the port number. There are two places for this. The first being the port you want to use (example 8877) and second the port that Pi-Star uses (80). In my router in says port range but in some it may say single port or even just port or external port. Enter the port number you want to use (8877). The other port might say internal port or local port. This is when you would enter port 80.
5. The next one should be protocol. This is either TCP, UDP, Or Both. I set mine to both as it seems to cause less headaches.
6. Make sure to click apply. Some routers will reboot and some may not. I have set mine up this way and it works great. Can access from anywhere here take a look. http://k8upe.sytes.net:8877/
This is just a basic although. I will edit this as time goes on. I hope this helps.


Re: Port Forward

Post by M0GLJ » Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:32 am

Not recommended for many reasons ... security being the main one

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Re: Port Forward

Post by W4JEW » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:02 am

Agreed! Changing the port number is security by obscurity. Anyone with a modicum of talent will find the port open with a simple port scan.

Given the fact that nobody (that I've known of) has truly tested these systems to ensure they are as close to bulletproof as possible, I would never expose the browser or SSH interfaces to the Internet.

The fact that SSL isn't enabled by default on the web interface is yet another reason. Not having SSL as an option is kind of surprising to be honest. But I would have to assume security isn't a high priority for a device that's intended for use on your home network or a hotspot.

It's very much possible to add SSL support to the web server, but it's a pretty advanced configuration. I wouldn't recommend anyone try to do it unless they have moderate skills with Linux and the web server that's running on Pi-Star. I believe it's Apache - but it might be Nginx or something else - it's been a while since I last checked.

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