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Re: Can listen but not talk out

Post by AA3JC » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:13 pm

I have a early generation Icom IC-92AD that has given me the same results of not being able to talk on any Reflectors or being able to link to any D-Star Repeaters. After lots of setting changes in both my ZumSpot that sits on top of a Pi 3B+ I now have it working on DMR, D-STAR, and YSF.
First, the ZumSpot sitting on top of a Pi 3B+ I had to load the Beta 4.x firmware, upgrade the ZumBoard to the lastest and when setting up the Pi-Star software, understand that it WILL let you select wrong settings in some areas of the config. For example, the ZumSpot is a Simplex Board but you can set it up as a Duplex board. Wrong! but one of many mistakes I made trying to hear and/or talk over D-Star.

Ok, with that said, you may want to check the following settings: Must be set to Simplex, and dont forget to click Apply before moving onto the next section. Under D-Star Config: make sure Use DPlus for XRF: is OFF. In my case with the Icom IC-92AD with this setting on, I was able to connect to Reflectors only, Repeaters no. Once I got the correct settings in my 92AD I was able to talk and communicate on any connected Reflector....but could not link to any Repeaters, till that one setting was turned OFF.
My Icom required the following Memory channels setup as follows, for each Repeater I created 3 records: MY CALL IS AA3JC and for this example trying to connect to the K3PDR-B module. (*=space)

RX Freq TX Freq Offset Freq Offset Op Mode Your Callsign RPT-1 RPT-2
440.5000 440.5000 0 or "Blank" +Dup or -Dup DV K3PDR*BL AA3JC**B AA3JC**G
440.5000 440.5000 0 or "Blank" +Dup or -Dup DV CQCQCQ AA3JC**B AA3JC**G
440.5000 440.5000 0 or "Blank" +Dup or -Dup DV *******U AA3JC**B AA3JC**G

Reason for 3 memory channels is for my convience in linking/changing relectors or repeaters. For Reflectors it is exactly the same but substitute Your Callsign with the reflector name as in this example: REF021EL This will link to that reflector, and once your radio issues the link to voice or message then switch to the CQCQCQ

hope this helps

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