RPi 0 Icom Terminal Mode Sloooow Start

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RPi 0 Icom Terminal Mode Sloooow Start

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Running a RPi Zero W (2017 board) and 4.1.2 Pistar. I use the Icom Terminal Mode modem type in this setup. I am experiencing a very slow start up to be able to link to any reflectors. I just timed it and it takes 4 minutes from the power up of the RPi until I am able to link to reflectors. This is much longer than it takes with my Zumspots I use on other RPi Zeros. Any thoughts on how I can shorten the startup time?
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Re: RPi 0 Icom Terminal Mode Sloooow Start

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SSH into the unit and study the timestamps shown on "dmesg"? It might show what process is taking all the time.

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Re: RPi 0 Icom Terminal Mode Sloooow Start

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N9KO wrote: Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:23 am Any thoughts on how I can shorten the startup time?
The time it takes for all the required services to start on a RPi Zero W is upwards of 30 to 40 seconds from power up. I've used some OS tools and timed it previously and compared it with a RPi 3B+ where it was significantly shorter.

The only way to shorten the time is to move to a RPi with multiple cores so things can be worked on in parallel by an the additional 3 processors.

Now, since you said that you are comparing multiple RPi Zero W's on other setups to yours using the "Icon Terminal mode" (whatever that is), I sounds to me like it could be MMDVMHost having difficulty communicating with that specific modem. I would check the MMDVMHost logs and see if theres any failures where it fails to connect and then the watchdog timer tries again in a few minutes until it successfully connects. I'm not sure what would cause it to fail to connect and then work when it retries but from what you've said that is one thing I can think of that could be happening.

I kind of doubt a power issue but it is possible, maybe you have a cheap USB cable that can't supply the needed voltage, or you are running it off of one of those USB battery packs. I've also got one of those cheap wall wort power supplies around here that when the RPi 3B+ boots it throws a low voltage warning in the first few seconds and then clears up.


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vcgencmd get_throttled
If it is zero (0x0) there has been no throttling since boot. Anything else means theres either been a problem or there is one active.

could also run to see if theres been any voltage detection

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dmesg | grep volt
or plug in a monitor and you'd see a little lightning bolt being displayed in the upper right corner.
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