Pi-Star does not connect to Dstar Network

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Pi-Star does not connect to Dstar Network

Post by KM4VBA » Thu Jan 07, 2021 3:21 pm

Needs some help. I've been using DMR with my Zumspot for several years now. I recently purchased an ICOM 7100 and setting up Dstar to work through the Pi-Star. I feel confident I have the radio side set up correctly. I have also tested the radio on a local repeater to make sure the Dstar account was active. When I PTT, I show up on my Pi-Star dashboard correctly. The icon for Dstar Network always remains red. Tried connecting to different reflectors in Pi-Star. Call sign and password is set correctly. Pi-Star version is V3.4.17. Zumspot version is V1.5.2. I searched the forum and have seen some others had issues with the v3.4.17 on Dstar. I did a restore from about two years ago to see if maybe something was corrupted. No change. Anyone know of an issue with this version or any other advise is appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Pi-Star does not connect to Dstar Network

Post by M1DNS » Thu Jan 07, 2021 10:38 pm

3.4.17 is light yrs behind the current 4.1.3

Make an Upgrade as its pointless any of us trying to advise you on using such an outdated, no longer suported image.

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