Wpa supplicant kills

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Wpa supplicant kills

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Hi all. I am trying to run a dvmega with pi-star, but when I put wpa_supplicant in boot sd, it does not connect. When I take out the sd card, I see that the file is missing. So continuously. Can someone tell me what the reason is? Thanks

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Re: Wpa supplicant kills

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When the PI-Star boots up it moves the file to where it belongs in the PI-Star system.
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Re: Wpa supplicant kills

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EA8IE wrote: Mon Jul 26, 2021 2:45 pm Can someone tell me what the reason is?
That is the proper operation of how the system works.

If the file exists in the /boot area it moves the settings to the OS and overwrites any previous settings.

If it isn't connecting to your router it could be that your router is not setup for WPA2, or you have incompatible characters either in the SSID or password.
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