Frustrating WiFi experience

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Frustrating WiFi experience

Post by KD9JTV » Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:18 pm

I have been running three JumboSpots connected to my WiFi for months now, with no issues. I hadn't connected to them for a couple of weeks and was surprised a couple of days ago to find they were not working. Checked my router and no connections from any of them. Remembered the last time I did connect to them I updated the MMDVM Firmware, but could not see how that would have caused them to not connect to my router. I pulled the SD cards and copied the wpa_supplicant file to them, re-inserted and booted up. No joy, no connection to my router. Tried re-burning the image to SD and starting from scratch. No joy. I had saved my wpa_supplicant file to my laptop when I configured my first JumboSpot, and had used that file successfully multiple times. I finally opened the wpa_supplicant file in notepad and quickly saw that my SSID was for my D-Link wireless access point and not my router. Quickly took a look at the D-Link and saw that there was no power to it. Apparently the power brick supplying 5V to the access point has died. Changed the wpa_supplicant to the SSID of my router, and instantly had connection again.

This probably will not help anyone that is having problems getting their MMDVM to connect to their WiFi, but if your hotspots have been working and suddenly quit, remember this post, especially if you are running multiple access points for your WiFi.


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