How do I use WiFi builder?

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How do I use WiFi builder?

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Visit the pi-star website and open the pistar tools link, then the WiFi builder link.

Or click this link:

Enter your SSID (this is the name of your Wireless Network) and
The matching PSK (this is the Pre-Shared Key, or Password) for the network connection.
hit "Submit"
A file will download to your computer.

If you require a config to connect to an open network, leave the SSID and PSK
lines empty.

Now find the generated file and drag n drop it to the "Boot" volume of your Pi-Star SD
It makes sense to do this whilst you still have the sd card in the computer just after writing the pistar image.

Once the Pi-Star system boots up, it will add the config file for the WiFi section on boot. Where it should then connect to your choosen Wi-Fi.

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