Can I just pull power on my pi-star installation?

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Can I just pull power on my pi-star installation?

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Short answer yes you can.
The correct answer is no. Whilst you can do so you take the chance the sudden loss of power will corrupt any write attempts being made at the time of power loss. Leading to a corrupted sd card the next time you setup.

Whilst pistar minimises the write cycles in its image, running mostly in a read only state, the risk is still there and many will say ' I've been pulling power for ages and nothings happened yet' well that's fine but the important word is 'yet' It's not if, but when, and they will have all the fun of re_imaging their install. These same users prob. didn't make a back-up either, so all the fun.

So, yes you can do it but the suggestion is you shut the pi down correctly.

By either using the radio and pistar_remote...
what is pi-star remote?

Or using the command sudo shutdown now
or via the dashboards power page.

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