A tip for new Pi-Star users

DVAP Red Dongle
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A tip for new Pi-Star users

Post by G4AON » Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:35 pm

The Windows software for the DVAP dongle, and some Raspberry Pi images, allow you to access the D-Star network with a radio on simplex set to the Dongle frequency and D-Star, ie without being specifically programmed. This doesn't work with Pi-Star.

The Pi-Star image will not work unless the radio is configured specifically to work with it. There are details elsewhere on this forum on how to program your radio, but basically set it to duplex with zero offset, the same settings as you often find pre-programmed into the radio for several nodes. see:

Also (if GPS fitted to your radio) enter your shack latitude and longitude into the node settings, you can then easily select your own node when at home (nearest using the search facility on your radio).

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