DVRPTR V1 RPi B and Kenwood

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DVRPTR V1 RPi B and Kenwood

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Hi Guys, trying to set up a DVRPT V1 with Pi star
Running RPi B
Kenwood TM-D710 as the host radio

Was using Western D-Star Jessie really successfully I did have to set the modulation very high with the kenwood, as opposed to an Icom IC208 but It worked fine. Now I have reflashed the card to Pi-Star having all manner of issues

Im pretty sure the gateway is functioning well, as the admin is logging activity well, and I see myself logged into the reflectors, however I see the signal on my ID-51, full scale, but no audio, the Kenwood is recieving my audio full scale but no local activity on the Pi-star dashboard

I checked the ID51 set up 144.825, -Dup, 0.000 offset DV should work as it did with jessie, nothing changed.

So my question is can anyone give me any pointers about modulation and TX or RX inversion ???

Please emal direct at [email protected]

Thanks in anticipation....
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