DVRPTR v1 - Setting FM TX Deviation Level

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DVRPTR v1 - Setting FM TX Deviation Level

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Hi All:

I am using a DVRPTR v1 board, with Pi-Star, in a repeater application consisting of two GE Delta radios.

I have set the FM TX Deviation level to ~1.4 / 1.5kHz (using a RACAL 9008 Analog Meter). The audio sounds great on my 2820 and a local HAM's 5100. However, the audio seems to be very gargled on my IC-91AD. I have tried adjusting the deviation level up and down (slightly) but the audio on my '91AD is constantly gargled.

Other D-STAR repeaters sound fine on my 91AD, so I doubt that the HT is the issue.

Any ideas?



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