ft991A receive audio

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ft991A receive audio

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i read another thread somewhere saying their receive audio quality was lacking on wiresx with their ft991A, I also own this rig and agree it is very muddy and at times almost hard to understand what some people are saying, is it this radio or the system others are coming in on ie: their net quality or radio ?? I swapped to my ft70dr and it sounds far better, a very noticeable difference to me, almost night and day. Is anyone else hearing this on their ft991A ? Is this a known problem with these rigs ?
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Re: ft991A receive audio

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same issues, you can tinker with mmdvmhost settings
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Re: ft991A receive audio

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Yeah, but even on yaesus own network it sounds like crap compared to their other radios in their c4fm range. But theyll never admit that

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Re: ft991A receive audio

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2E0WKS wrote: Sat Nov 28, 2020 8:33 pm same issues, you can tinker with mmdvmhost settings
So, I'm having the same issues with my FT1DR and FT2DR. I have to have the volume control almost all the way up to hear what is being said, and the audio sounds muddy.
What settings would you adjust and which way?

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Re: ft991A receive audio

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+1, the other thread you read it's probably mine... it's a pity and a shame but C4FM on this radio seems really bad :( On mine at least the audio listening hotspot It's not just muffled but sounds like if there are lost packets or packets with errors that aren't being FEC corrected... it's really strange... maybe it could even be fixed/improved via firmware update but Yaesu doesn't seem interested in doing it :(

I did write about that problem to Yaesu UK and to Yaesu JP, from UK they just confirm the C4FM on this radio is not as good as on the other ones but provide no solution, and from Yaesu JP I didn't get any reply at all...
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