TYT MD-2017

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TYT MD-2017

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A question..I cant seem to get this radio to "stay" for TX on the TG that I have in "sticky" in pi-star-mmdvm (say 3100), So this is what happens...I'm listening just fine to a QSO on say 3100, which I have in STATIC in the dashboard. So now I want to join the QSO or say something, I then have to go MENU > CONTACTS > MANUAL DIAL and type in the 3100 and then key, and it will then be able to TX to TG3100 ....15 seconds later....I'm having to do the EXACT same thing if I wait more then say 5 seconds between a mic keying. I am one of "those" guys that actually try not to quick key in case another station wants to join the QSO, like I said if I do that...it looses the TG and I end up with a red light and see my user# > TG0 in the display and at that time I have to quickly ...go back to the MENU> CONTACTS > MANUAL DIAL thing again.....wowowowo. IS ther a setting I'm missing in the settings of this radio? Any help appreciated!
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Re: TYT MD-2017

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k6jwf wrote: Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:48 am IS ther a setting I'm missing in the settings of this radio?
Probably. I don't know that radio exactly but it sounds like you don't have 3100 set as that channels takgroup, you have TG0 for some reason.

Make a channel for every talkgroup you want to access and name each channel using the TG#, then you dial to that channel so when you keyup it is already set on the talkgroup you want.

So if you want to talk or listen on 10 talkgroups, you have ten channels.

The hard part is receive groups so you can be on channel 5 and if traffic happens on one of the other channels it'll allow the audio to be heard. The radios I'm familiar with will default to the currently programmed talkgroup so if you are on channel 5, you can only hear channel 5 traffic, if something comes in on another channel it'll light up the LED but it won't emit any audio.
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