Feature Request - POCSAG to SMS

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Feature Request - POCSAG to SMS

Post by NC6K » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:44 am

I've successfully gotten POCSAG set up on my Pi-Star (thanks to all who worked to develop the pieces!), and realize I still need a pager to receive POCSAG messages. OK, that's on me for not reading up before diving in.

I have too many handhelds and other radio gear, and thus I'm not inclined to buy a pager that will take up more space on my already cluttered desk. So, I'll put in a request for a bridge that upon "seeing" a POCSAG message to my call, converts it to an SMS that my DMR radio can receive. If anyone is so inclined, I am happy to serve as alpha/beta tester, and make a contribution to your beer fund for the efforts.

No urgent need on my part, but it would be fun to play around with it, and many of the other local hams here would likely use it and "spread the word".
I asked a bunch of regular DMR users if they even knew about the POCSAG support (they all have hotspots running Pi-Star), and most didn't even know it existed, much less how it could be set up.

Thanks to anyone who reads this!

73 de NC6K (Eric)
Poway, CA, USA


Re: Feature Request - POCSAG to SMS

Post by M0GLJ » Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:56 pm

This would be something that you would have to do in co-operation of the DAPNET and which ever DMR network you plan to use it on.

Pi-Star has nothing to do with DAPNET and there for will not be looking at this option.

Pi-Star is merely the gateway from each network to and RF point which is where your radio/pager gets a signal