DMRGateway Issue: Apply Changes button Disables [Network 3]

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DMRGateway Issue: Apply Changes button Disables [Network 3]

Post by VE3RD » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:50 pm

There is an increasing number of Hams trying to use the DMRGateway to communicate on Brandmeister Network and the TGIF_Network without having to go into Pi-Star to change the master server. Howevewer this is made more difficult than it needs to be by the following code. Essentially is says that if you are not running DMR2YSF or DMR2nxdn crossovers then shut down [Network 3]. This code is activated every time you hit the "Apply Changes" button in the main pi-star configuration module.

I am using the DMRgateway [Network 3] to connect to the TGIF_Network. I found that any changes made in the main pi-star configuration module caused [Network 3] to be disabled.

On searching the code in configure.php, I found the culprit. I have made this change in my own hotspot and my local repeater, but would sure appreciate a more elegant solution incorporated in the next pi-star revision. (Possibly TGIF field test in the initial if statement)

// Work out if DMR Network 3 should be ON or not
if (empty($_POST['MMDVMModeDMR2YSF']) != TRUE || empty($_POST['MMDVMModeDMR2NXDN']) != TRUE) {
if (escapeshellcmd($_POST['MMDVMModeDMR2YSF']) == 'ON' || escapeshellcmd($_POST['MMDVMModeDMR2NXDN']) == 'ON')
$configdmrgateway['DMR Network 3']['Enabled'] = "1";
} else {
// $configdmrgateway['DMR Network 3']['Enabled'] = "0"; // Original Line Disabled VE3RD
$configdmrgateway['DMR Network 3']['Enabled'] = "1"; // New Line added VE3RD


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Phil VE3RD

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Re: DMRGateway Issue: Apply Changes button Disables [Network 3]

Post by VK3KYY » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:54 pm

You could repost this in the feature request section.


I have found on multiple occasions that the configuration screen has overwritten changes I made to TG rewrites in the DMR Gateway expert settings

PiStar needs a more elegant way to handle when people use the expert settings, and not simply overwrite them when they made basic changes like for example changing the hotspot frequency

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