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Issue -disconnecting from busy TG on duplex

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2020 6:31 pm
by Va6aka

I believe I should be able to disconnect from a TG while my duplex hotspot is transmitting!??? I send TG4000 and/or PC4000, I can see that my pi-star picks it up, but it's not dropping the TG or ending hotspot transmit. Am I missing something obvious in settings?

Using a TYT MD380 and Retevis RT3S. Pi-Star:4.1.0-RC8 / Dashboard: 20200221. HS_Hat v1.4.17 STM-32-DVM GPIO. Set up as duplex.
Everything else works like a dream. Same result on both TS.

Attaching the Live log to show the modem receives my TG4000 (while in TX), and then TG4000 between TX (which successfully disconnects).