TGIF Network switched to new server

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TGIF Network switched to new server

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Good morning,

I saw a Facebook post that TGIF has now switched over to their new "prime" server and retired the "legacy" server. Changeover happened around 6am Central Daylight Time (11:00 UTC) and may have interrupted some users' connections. TGIF requires a hotspot password now, similar to BM. I had a repeater link and a bridge for one of the talkgroups I assist with (707) that broke until I put the new hotspot password on.

I wanted to post here in case folks are wondering why their previous TGIF connection stopped working all of a sudden. The URL for Prime did change to be the default "" so if you were previously using a hotspot password with "", or the "legacy" server, it should continue to work with no reconfig.

-Andy, KD0IOE
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