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DMR2YSF is it working ?

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:00 pm
by G0LGS

I have tried to follow W1MSG's video on configuring DMR2YSF, but as with pretty much every video I have looked at for DMR (since I got the DMR radio back in February) it goes over things much too quickly and does not include enough explanation as to why things are being configured this way and what it is expected to achieve.

So far I have tried setting up using 2 YSF startup hosts and configured my RT82 to use TG 700xxx numbers and although the Dashboard shows the YSF network is linked and it shows my RF activity I see no activity in the dash board from the network.

What am I missing or where is the activity ?

I do not have a YSF radio and there are no local YSF enabled repeaters or RF gateways that I am aware of, so cannot confirm things are working by talking to myself.

Stewart G0LGS

Re: DMR2YSF is it working ?

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:12 am
by W1KMC
OK, let's see if I can help explain stuff for you. When W1MSG made the videos (the DMRGateway configuration videos show TG 7 and how he was changing rooms - I do not know).

As far as I have experienced here is how DMRGateway 'routes' the varios networks (up to 4 but a caveat -- later)

Your Brandmeister (normal operations all Talkgroups use the 'straight numbers (choose your BM Master first -- I am in USA so I use Brandmeister 3101)
Brandmeister has reflectors too -- for these you need TG 9 but Private calls to the different reflectors (4001 -> 4999) * a PC (private call) to 4000 disconnects the reflector (not the TG (talk Group) ) which is a GC (Group Call) to disconnect from a TG) a PC to 5000 plays the current reflector [A FEMALE Voice]

DMR+ uses Reflectors ONLY on TG 8 but to change a reflector for the DMR Network you prefix an 8 onto it so they look like 84001 -> 84999) if you are on TG 8 as with DMR+ you should be, you will hear a MALE voice -- the 4000 disconnect and 5000 Status numbers do not work in DMR+ but, you can Jerryrig it using the DMR+ Options Line so it looks like the following:


what this translates to is: you start DMR+ not linked to any reflector (effectively disconnected) -- want to start on a certain reflector always change the 4000 to the reflector number, but be carefule the next part will revert to this reflector as a 'static return' spot

If you do not transmit for 60 minutes or more, whatever reflector you WERE on reverts to StartRef reflector (so 4000 would disconnect you from whatever you were on when the hour mark of no transmit was reached.

The UserLink set to 1 allows you to change reflectors on the fly and the TS1_1=9 is to tell DMR+ that TG9 stuff on DMR+ should be put on TG8 (as to how, not sure but it does so don't mess with this)

Now for XLX -- this uses TG6, but this is a bit weird ad XLX has Reflectors and Modlues -- I'm about to blow your mind a bit. -- you don't have to use XLX if you don't want to.

So XLX reflectors -- to change these you PC (again Private Call) to 68XXX where XLX is its reflector number i.e. 68307 will put you on XLX307 or 68950 will put you on XLX 950 (voice says [Female] Connected to XLX 307 D)

OK, where the he// did the D come from? that is the Module I spoke of -- you can change these too.

These are done by a PC to 64001 -> 44026 as : 4001=A, 4002=B 4003=C...4026=Z so A->Z=4001->4026. Don't worry it takes time.

OK now for the NEW stuff, the DMR2YSF and DMR2NXDN -- this is a CAVEAT only one or the other NOT BOTH at the same time, they both use TG 7 but with a difference -- DMR2YSF you are stuck in the room in configuration where in DMR2NXDN youCAN change rooms.

DMR2YSF use 7 straight and set your configuration in the Pi-Star web interface. I have not heard if that limitation is fixed yet.

DMR2NXDN on the other hand you prefix the NXDN number with a 7 but pad it to 5 digits so i ends up as 6 digits, (this main site) has a list of the rooms in NXDN Tools section) but note the Florida 'node is 1200 (only 4 digits --it needs 5) so this would be entered as GC to 701200 and you stay on 701200 it's not like you set to 701200 and then talk on TG 7.

I hope I confused you enough but go back and watch W1MSG's stuff with a little of this in hand (he explains the software end but to demonstrate on the common radios, well that don't happen often. I may have to do a few -- only have DMR on Anytone 868 and an MD-380. but if people want to throw me a Yeasu or DStar capable radio - I won't object :-)

So to recap a bit:

Brandmeister uses the BM Talkgroups you are used to (or go to brandmeister and see the ginourmos list of options) but their Reflectors use TG 9 and a Private call to the reflector number.

DMR+ uses TG8 and to change reflectors here -- prefix it with an 8 ** if you don't you actually are changing the refletors on Brandmeister with some wacky results.

XLX uses TG 6 and XLX masters can be changed with Prefix of 68+XLX number -- Modules are 64001->64026 (A->Z) -- Many XLX reflectors point to BM talkgroups or have other points to access them without XLX on.

YSF and NXDN crossModes are one otr the other at a time - you cannot do both at once -- uses TG 7 or a 7prefix for NXDN)

Further reading is here: -- there is a LOT of info, take your time KE0FHS, Toshen does a really good job.

Also explore the tools on as this has a wealth of information too.

Come back and ask what you need (my contact info is in my profile) -- I am no expert, don't claim to be, don't rewally ever see myself that way, I just help where and how I can.

Good luck and have fun -- we are all new at somethng sometime.

Re: DMR2YSF is it working ?

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:30 am
by G0LGS
It seems that DMR2YSF is working, however there appears to be some behaviour with pi-star that I do not understand.

If I start up my Pi which defaults to TG9 and no Reflector and change to local DMR TG 23575 it appears to happily sit there for long period of time with no activity.

However if I connect to the CQ-UK Wires-X Room (FCS00420) using TG 700420 I can hear activity fine and pi-star system stays there Ok.

If I now go back to TG 9 (default) without any reflector links or to TG 23575 it only stays there for a short time - it changes(as if by itself) back to TG 700420 (it appears that traffic from CQ-UK causes this, but it is hard to say for sure - partly because the radio is still on TG 9 or TG 23575 and I hear nothing when it happens).

Stewart G0LGS

Re: DMR2YSF is it working ?

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:11 pm
by W1KMC
No, this is normal as DMR2YSF does not disconnect simply because you changed back to TG9, the DMR2YSF is on until you turn off the mode, and since you cannot change rooms on the fly, if you pick a busy room (like the CQ-UK YSF reflector your pi-star will always go back to it whenever there is activity. This happens in the DMR2NXDN also but you CAN change rooms on the fly here (sort of), and there is a disconnect from NXDN.

To help further we need more , what radio for instance (I have an MD-380 [now a backup as harder to do simple things] and an Anytone AT-D868UV which makes doing simple things easy.

Do a little searching and you'll find my contact information, I can help through TeamViewer or Skype (that is NOT in my contacts that you can find by looking - tied to my 'other' endeavor).

DMR, YSF, D-Star, and Pi-Star all have their own quirks and learning curves (I do not have YSF or D-Star, but can TRY to help - doing that with 2 now (Michigan and London UK) ) - it takes a little effort but worth it.

Re: DMR2YSF is it working ?

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 4:48 pm
by G0LGS
So even though the Dashboard (at bottom left) Shows 'Linked to FCS00420' as soon a pi-star boots it does not actually do anything with actually showing traffic on there until I key up radio using the channel that I have programmed for TG 700420 - but as soon as I have done that I'm effectively stuck on CQ-UK - that is not exactly very useful unless you like only using CQ-UK.

Re: DMR2YSF is it working ?

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 6:12 pm
by W1KMC
I understand your pain, which is WHY I use DMR2NXDN instead , here you prefix the NXDN TalkGroup with 7 e.g 765000 or 701200 (must be 5 digits).

You want to move around to different YSF rooms? you need a true YSF radio. Sorry, but that's the way it is ....right now anyways.

Re: DMR2YSF is it working ?

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:40 am
by W8DSB
So to recap your post here:

I want to use my DMR radio to connect to only one YSF room.
I made a channel on simplex that matches my hotspot
I made TG 7 for the above channel
I added that channel into a zone DMR2YSF

In PI-Star turning on DMR2YSF does nothing by itself so I assume I have to turn on DMR also.
With DMR and DMR2YSF turned on. I linked the system to the YSF I want and set the DMR to TG 7

I hear nothing...

Help Please

Re: DMR2YSF is it working ?

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:30 pm
by pa1hun
Have you created a RX group? My experience is that for each TG I TX on, I need to create a RX group for the same TG and then make sure the channel I've programmed into the radio also has that RX group selected.

Re: DMR2YSF is it working ?

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:13 pm
by N2MRH
I just setup DMR to YSF on my pistar dash. I believe every thing is setup correctly. I am link to FCS00290 (AMERICALINKWIRESX). I am receiving everything perfectly. However whenever I transmit it seems no one hears me. MY dashboard shows me transmitting but still no one hears me. Am I missing something? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Re: DMR2YSF is it working ?

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:52 am
by AD8DP