PiStar remote access external IP

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PiStar remote access external IP

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Hello all,

Can I connect my MMDVM Hotspot's dashboard and configure as external IP ?

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Re: PiStar remote access external IP

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Yes, you can simply port forward the Pi-Star's internal IP Address to your WAN IP therefore giving you external access, finding the Port Forward options differ from router to router so I would recommend checking out this website https://portforward.com/router.htm.
But I assume if you're asking this question you're fairly familiar with your router settings and port forwarding.

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Re: PiStar remote access external IP

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2E0EPV wrote: Sun Nov 08, 2020 12:57 pm 73,
Why did you reply to a post thats ~2 years old?
If someones previous actions are any indication of their future actions, then I predict the deletion and removal of access will happen at any moment. 7-11-2020.

"07/13/20 This Website Has Been Taken Down" ... again :lol:
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