Odd Behaviour in 4.0 RC3

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Odd Behaviour in 4.0 RC3

Post by G0LGS » Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:29 pm


I have noticed that the IP showing on my Nextion changes from time to time from the real 10.x.y.z WiFi IP to the version and that if restarted it goes back to the normal 10.x.y.z value.

However it is not as simple as it may appear, I have just SSH'd (Putty) from my PC to my 'g0lgs-pi-star.local' address (the 10.x.y.z) and do the commands:

netstat -tn (to confirm what IP I'm connected from and to) and then 'ifconfig -a'

The result is shown in the Pic - No 10.x.y.z address !!

VERY Strange !

Stewart G0LGS
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