P Star not browser not connecting to Jumbo spot

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P Star not browser not connecting to Jumbo spot

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Hi folks,
I am a relative newcomer to Pi Star and I have a small issue with the web browser not connecting to the Jumbo spot.
It was working fine when setting it up 6 months ago but today it decided not to work.
I am not a computer savy individual and I have problems understanding how to correct this issue.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Stuart Vk5ade
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Re: P Star not browser not connecting to Jumbo spot

Post by w9mt »

Take a look at my long odyssey with the same issue under this blogspot's WiFi Setup subtopic. The problem is usually resident within your wireless router. The solution is NOT straightforward to find, either.

I have two home networks, both using Asus wireless routers. The networks are 2000 land miles apart, so there isn't a problem with them competing. I have 3 mmdvm's on the 430 to 459.995 US ham band running YSF, D-Star, and DMR on widely spaced RF radio frequencies in this range. They are all RPi zero w based. They worked fine from the time I built them in IL in June 2019 through the time I brought them with me to AZ in October. The IL router is at least 2 generations back from the router in AZ. Both routers were, however, initially configured the same way. IP addresses for the mmdvm's are set manually to always be assigned as the same IP number. As soon as I got things set up in AZ, the mmdvm's began going "ignorant" to dashboard / admin / configuration queries, whilst still working fine with their companion handheld radios and with their transmission and reception of digital audio over the Internet. Just no replies, however, and only timeouts to dashboard queries.

You will read my wandering path of trying different things only to see the problem somehow fix itself for the present.

Many good recommendations were given to me whilst I was in active debug mode. Nothing seemed to be the exact fix.

But now things seem to be working "solidly" again. Weird....

I am now just doing what the medical doctors call "watchful waiting". I just don't like things that fix themselves, as they can unfix just as easily. This is still a mystery to me.
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