Cannot see Pi (IP) on network, has connection to BM

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Cannot see Pi (IP) on network, has connection to BM

Post by K5LPD » Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:29 pm

I recently removed my repeater from a remote site, and updated the firmware on the Due 1.0 to the latest MMDVM FW. I also replaced the Raspberry Pi with a new 3B+ and a fresh SD Card. I am running the latest Pi-Star Beta version on it.

I access the Pi by going through a second Raspberry Pi at the location. Just using Chrome on the remote Pi. Usually this is not an issue using the local IP address on the repeater. I have the repeater connected using a Cat5 cable directly to a Microtik router in the shack. Has always worked well for the last two years. However, upon me redeploying the repeater, I can no longer access the dashboard, because I cannot find the IP address of the repeater. I know I should have did this before leaving the site, but everything appeared to work. The repeater does appear to be connected to the internet because my Brandmeister dashboard is showing a green icon, and I can hear traffic on BM on the repeater. I am using dmap on the remote Pi and it is not finding the IP address of the repeater (Pi Star.) I have done this before, and works great. But now it does not. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does this mabye have to do with the version of Pi Star or the new Pi? I am trying to do this remotely so I do not have to bother anyone to go back out to the site again.

Forgot to mention, everything worked as expected on my home network. I could see and access the Pi with no problem. It does not appear that anything has changed on the remote site network either.

Thanks, Oren K5LPD

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Re: Cannot see Pi (IP) on network, has connection to BM

Post by AF6VN » Sat Jul 27, 2019 5:30 pm

Your router -- if fairly modem -- should present the Pi-Star node as a local /name/. Try some variation of pi-star or pi-star.local (Windows doesn't use the .local it seems), if those don't work, maybe pistar or pistar.local (you didn't change the host name at some time, did you? Mine is actually pi-star-3b as I planned to add a second unit and didn't want conflicts during initial set-up).

If that doesn't work, your router should have some admin pages -- one of them should show you what clients are connected and what the IP of said client is. From my Uverse router:

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IP Allocation
IPv4 Address / Name 	MAC Address 	Status 	Allocation 	Action / EPSONF4EF32 	00:26:ab:f4:ef:32 	on 	DHCP Allocation / DIRECTV-HR54-C94828D7 	18:16:c9:48:28:d9 	on 	DHCP Allocation / unknown28c68efb9d7b 	28:c6:8e:fb:9d:7b 	off 	DHCP Allocation / Galaxy-S9 	8c:45:00:6d:1a:4c 	on 	DHCP Allocation / pi-star-3b 	b8:27:eb:4b:0b:d5 	on 	DHCP Allocation / microdiversity 	b8:27:eb:ce:b1:eb 	on 	DHCP Allocation / ElusiveUnicorn 	b8:ca:3a:79:0c:36 	on 	DHCP Allocation / HP7C548D 	c4:65:16:7c:54:8d 	on 	DHCP Allocation 	
(The "Action" column is to allow for fixing the IP permanently, rather than relying upon DHCP random issue)

Dennis L Bieber

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Re: Cannot see Pi (IP) on network, has connection to BM

Post by KE7FNS » Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:37 pm

K5LPD wrote:
Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:29 pm
Does anyone have any suggestions?
This assumes the subnet is 192.168.1.*, but if yours is different use it instead.

you can find the subnet using this

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ifconfig |grep broadcast
this pings the broadcast address

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sudo ping -c 1 -b

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arp -a

If that doesn't help, install nmap

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sudo apt-get install nmap
then run this:

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nmap -sn
the key here is the last octet needs to be 0/24 and the first three octets need to match the subnet of the network.

That should return ip addresses for every device on the network, but as AF6VN stated its probably easier and faster to just snag the info out of the DHCP logs in the router if you have the router password.

Have fun.
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