Dashboard Data

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Dashboard Data

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Hi I am looking to collect data from the dashboard to publish on a website just showing the connected status of the repeater. Rather than the full dashboard.
I seem to remember seeing a post regarding this but cannot find it again.
any suggestions ?
Thanks Mark G0LGJ
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Re: Dashboard Data

Post by N7HHI »

You can scrape the log file for the information you are looking for. It is in /var/log/pi-star/Links.log

One way I use the information from the log is, I set up a few aliases so that I can see the information from the Bash command line.
Below is a sample of the way I use them:

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alias showlinked2='awk '\''{print $12, $13}'\'' /var/log/pi-star/Links.log'
alias showlinked2b='awk '\''{print $3, $4}'\'' /var/log/pi-star/Links.log'
alias linked2='echo "Linked to $(showlinked2b) $(showlinked2)"'
Examples of output from the alias commands:
[email protected](ro):~$ showlinked2
XRF757 A

[email protected](ro):~$ showlinked2b
DExtra link

The first two aliases are really only used for setting up the third alias. The linked2 alias is the only one I really use to display what I am linked to.

[email protected](ro):~$ linked2
Linked to DExtra link XRF757 A

There is undoubtedly a more efficient way of doing the same thing, but this works for what I wanted, so decided to not take the time to fix what isn't broken.
Scott - N7HHI
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