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Re: FM

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All fixed, found the code!

And it works! ... _f4_FM.hex

Thanks for your help!

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Re: FM

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G0FHM wrote: Sun Sep 20, 2020 8:01 am Now I just need to find the code!

The only code that is on BI7JTA's site is the current code, which appears to have been stopped at that version. I've tried others, but the modem hasn't liked it, and i've had to revert to the current code.

Will have to keep digging!
Github tells you where the code was forked from.

Look at the top right of VR2VYE's MMDVM repo or you can go to the forked page:

That file isn't current, its 3 months old.

You should be downloading the source, configuring and building the firmware and then flashing that if you want the correct and most up to date code.

It has options enabled that were not enabled in the code you had.
#define MODE_LEDS

And this is disabled where it was enabled in the code you had.

It may work, but it isn't configured the same as what you had.
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