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Re: Override IP address of a YSF Reflector

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 8:21 am
by M1DNS

BX3ACB wrote:
Thanks , it is useful for local connect , but I want is

Other people can selectnprivate ysf reflector from pistar ysf list ,

the list is for ysf registered only now ,I like it can be customise funcrion like DExtra_Hosts.txt or DMR_Hosts.txt under /root directory and will not over write by update.

It is helpful people who don't want their reflector be public and early selection for their members
You need to remember, the whole ethos behind pistar was a reasonably quick and easy way for non linux-tech people to get going with MMDVM. If ur capable of setting up a reflector, it's fair to say you'll be fine installing a vanilla mmdvm setup.

Also Catering to private chat group's, wouldn't normally be a consideration given that initial intent.

Given you mention the custom DSTAR hosts. DSTAR networking nativly gives the ability to connect directly to DSTAR repeaters, and DSTAR user to user. custom hosts cater to that ability, and why it was implemented.

The take up with pistar has been massive, so now it is many things to many people and is slowly morphing from it's initial intent to try and cater to all.

If enough people continue to ask for it, at some point it'll get included, but so far, few have. Which isn't necessarily the be all end all reasoning, but puts it lower down the list of things to do.

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Re: Override IP address of a YSF Reflector

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:12 am
Dear Sir

Noted with many thanks