can't connect via hotspot

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can't connect via hotspot

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hi everyone i have an issued i can connect to dmr, nxdn modes but YSF using my ft3dr i can hear and talk when i havre the reflector america link on ,but if i want to connect to wires x it keeps trying and no connect. is there a tweak just for YSF ALL OTHER NODES WORKING GREAT
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Re: can't connect via hotspot

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Where are you trying to connect?

Wires x is Yaesu's own proprietary network, hotspot users dont have access to it.
The only access into wires x rooms is by using rf bridges that are put up by 3rd parties.

Rf bridges are used to link YSF reflectors, or DMR tgs to wires x rooms. They are mostly nothing more than a hotspot listening to wires repeater or node freqs.

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