Changing reflectors from radio screen

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Re: Changing reflectors from radio screen

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Same issues with the FTM-100DR. On that radio the "#" disconnects from the room it appears.

It would be nice if there user a user "ROOM" list where you could list rooms that always appear at the top of the list so the Search is seldom needed and "All" is never needed.

jb N4NQY
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Re: Changing reflectors from radio screen

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I have the 400XD (2021) and Pi-Star zero MMDVM.

I also have the same issue but I find Search and Direct doesn't return any data and I cannot select lower caps. As a result I cannot save them in C1 to C5. Clicking the All option returns hundreds in batches.

My local repeater is MMDVM (Pi-Star 3) and the 400 still doesn't receive the data. My FT3 works a treat both on the hotspot and the local repeater, so I wonder if its a firmware issue on the 400 and perhaps the hotspot.

I can use the node numbers directly with the key pad on the microphone although. Activate the WiresX button to handshake with your Hotspot and then press and hold the "Hash" (known to be the pound sign in some regions) key on the microphone key pad and the "Hash" symbol appears on the top line of the display. Enter the 5 digit room number and then as you press the "Hash" tag button once again the radio transmits to the hotspot and it connects fine.

Not the best but a work around until a solution is found.

Hope this helps? Regards Mike GM0MMN
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