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looking for a solution

Post by ae4ml » Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:29 am

I have several Motorola Quantar Repeaters that are running P25 operation on P25NX. I want the ability to access these repeaters via Hotspot.

I'm entertaining ideas on how to do this. Linking with PiStar is an option. The question is how to do this and do it right,


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Re: looking for a solution

Post by KR0SIV » Fri May 11, 2018 11:50 pm

I would first check with the P25NX group regarding this. It seems to me that pi-star's included P25Hosts list either already links to P25NX or simply uses a similar talk group ID convention. I have never worked with the P25NX group so I'm not 100% sure but it appears that they would not want linking a crossed such systems.

That being said there are a few ways to do what you are asking. The one I would suggest is linking the systems via a privately hosted p25reflector and modified p25hosts lists as I use a similar setup for linking several P25 Repeaters in my area together using MMDVM boards.

MMDVM/Pi-Star does not directly handle P25 rather it takes the P25 voice frames and converts them do UDP/IP frames. These are then sent to a P25Reflector server application based on the talk group you are currently sitting on. This reflector then 'repeats' those UDP frames to other MMDVMs/Hotspots also connected to the same P25reflector (talk group) and the other units on the reflector then take those UDP frames and spits them back out as P25 voice frames.

In my case I'm working with a group to connect several repeaters together. This is accomplished by modifying the P25Hosts list of each hotspot/MMDVM and pointing it to a reflector that I host myself. This in-turn allows us to not only link the repeaters together but also 'dial' into the repeater network via a hotspot.

You could program up a portable or mobile P25 radio on your repeater pair and link it to your own reflector. However, again I would check with the P25NX group to see if they would even allow such linking to take place.

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