Help with NXDN issues
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A few of us in Scotland are trying to get the Kenwood NX-800E mobile NXDN sets to work and are coming up against a brick wall.

Team A have a Kenwood NXDN repeater and Kenwood NXDN handsets are can TX and RX via repeater fine with no issues. The NX-800E can hear the repeater but the repeater cannot hear it.

Team B have a couple of NXDN capable hotspots with no NXDN handsets available to them The NX-800E can hear the hotspot but the hotspot cannot hear it.

We have compared the NX-800E dat file with the handset one and all compares fine. We have even imported the handset dat file and written it to the NX-800E and still we hear the repeater/hotspot transmitted signal but the repeater/hotspot does not hear the NX-800E.

The Live Logs on Pi-Star show NXDN starts up fine and shows incoming Network NXDN traffic which we hear but when the NX-800E is keyed up the Live Logs shows nothing.

The Firmware version on my NX-800E is E 4.50.00.

Any thoughts or pointers would be very much appreciated at this stage.


Martin MM0DUN
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