Getting barred from the forum

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Getting barred from the forum

Post by M6KFR »

I had some time away from the shack thro ill health, I found on my return trying to log into the forum I was told I was barred?
This came as a surprise because I've followed the rules protocols, have never been abusive and have always thanked people for their help.
I sent several emails politely asking why the Barr was in place but never got a reply
Then suddenly I got a mail saying I was reinstated
Of course I'm delighted but a tad mystified why the bar was put in place in the first place
Can someone suggest why ?
Still it's good to be back and hopefully I can get the help I need with a Dmr/brand rites problem sorted
Thanks for letting me back in but the mystery of why I was barred still puzzles me
73 M6KFR Gordon
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Re: Getting barred from the forum

Post by VK7HSE »

Depending on the software being used for the forum it might actually be an automatic process of an inactive accounts being blocked as a way to prevent hacked accounts from flooding their wares upon us all! (I'm not saying that you've been hacked)

Frustrating, yes but it's been resolved now...

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