Which Radios Will Crossband? (extending a Hotspot)

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Which Radios Will Crossband? (extending a Hotspot)

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I'm curious about which radios will cross-band between my hotspot (UHF) and the 2M band, in order to extend my handheld range from beyond my house.

I think these conditions have to be met when choosing a dual-band and cross-band capable radio for this task:

- Channels for cross-band are programmed in FM mode, not a digital mode.
- Fast PTT (COR) time and hang time (otherwise beginning packets may be missed).
- No CTCSS or other squelch codes enabled.... carrier-squelched only.
- Flat, or near-flat audio equalization through the cross-band radio.
- Downlink (output) channel's deviation is equal or close to that of the D-STAR or YSF handheld radio and hotspot. (Check with a service monitor)
- VHF and UHF channels are simplex only.

Comments on good radios for this type of cross-banding?

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