Reflector "Not Linked' Issue

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Re: Reflector "Not Linked' Issue

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well i can assure you that is not the case for me.. and likely not the case for the many others that are posting the same exact connection problems. my dstar registration is just fine.
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Re: Reflector "Not Linked' Issue

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G0UJA wrote: Sun Mar 20, 2022 1:02 am I'm not sure if this will help but I had a similar issue to this thread which I discovered tonight and 'fixed'.

This is a recent issue and everything was working perfectly up until a week or so ago.

I could connect to all XLX reflectors and also REF079 but not REF001 or REF030.

First I thought I had been banned from REF001/REF030 but it was not via my IP because I could view the status pages.

Then I thought maybe my callsign was blocked so I tried changing my callsign on my hotspot and bingo, everything worked...

I was about to write a sorry email to the admin of the reflectors begging for forgiveness for whatever I had or had not done when I discovered that despite registering over a decade ago at the start of Dstar and being active ever since my details had TOTALLY DISAPPEARED FROM THE DSTAR DATABASE!!!

I have no idea how or why but a stab in the dark is that the gateway I originally registered with (GB7AU) is now obsolete/changed hands and perhaps all users who registered through it over the years have been lost/deleted?

Who knows anyway after registering again everything works perfectly.

Very strange.

73 James G0UJA
Hi James,

the old "GB7AU" D-Star repeater was not operational for some time and the internet was disconnected. The site has a team looking after it now (see I replaced the Icom box with a MMDVM box (built by G7KBR who has done 3 for out site now - GB7WL, GB7AU & GB3AL) which was originally D-Star & YSF but is only D-Star now however it seems that the connection requests are not holding.

We are currently looking into the issue.

Chris 2E0UCW
Amersham & Tring Repeater Group (
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