Can't connect to Wifi

Help setting up WiFi
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Can't connect to Wifi

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I reflash the sd card with v 4.1.5 of pistar, and power on the zumspot. After a couple of minutes, I connect to pistar setup on my computer (Mac.) For some reason there is no prompt for me to enter the default username and password which is what I see on all the videos (it still lets me access the configuration page anyways) I scan for networks, find my network click save and connect. From there, I go up to “power” to reboot and that’s when it freezes. I’ve waited up to half an hour for it to reboot but the pistar never comes to life. It seems to power down, but never comes up on my network. Still have not been able to connect to my wifi network.

Ive tried using the wifi builder but that didn’t work. Is there anything else I can try? I’m all out of ideas.
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Re: Can't connect to Wifi

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maybe he changes his IP Adress due to your router to the inetrnet. It has dhcp to give your pistar hotspot a new ip address as wifi. Watch in your outer, if tehre has been assigned a new ip address. use this ip adrees in your webborwser to connect to your hotspot.

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