FT5 No go!!!

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FT5 No go!!!

Post by WD8BXS »

Here is a different rub, My FTM300 and my FT70 will both connect to my hotspot and talk through the reflector into a wires-x room, BUT my FT5 will not get through to the room. All 3 of the radios can talk back and forth on the reflector, but the FT5 won't cross the bridge into the wires-x room.

Any ideas??
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Re: FT5 No go!!!

Post by LB7JI »

Same for me!
My ft3d works fine, but the ft5d will not connect through pi-star hotspot.
Does anybody read these messages on this forum?

Regards lb7ji
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Re: FT5 No go!!!

Post by YL3IM »


I had an FT5D recently for a while. Worked well on both MMDVM hotspots and Wires-X one. I noticed no issues.

LB7JI, what do the Pi-Star logs show when you're trying to connect? Is there any RF activity? Are you sure there is no frequency deviation? I also have several FT-70D radios, bought last winter, all of them were slightly off frequency by ~600 Hz down, so I had to adjust them.
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Re: FT5 No go!!!

Post by G8SEZ »

Wires-X is quite bit error sensitive so frequency offsets will likely cause problems.

Brian G8SEZ
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