Reboot with a specific mmdvm config

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Reboot with a specific mmdvm config

Post by N6MIK »

Please consider adding the ability to save multiple mmdvmhost files and be able to switch between them from the Pi-Star UI. Just a dropdown list of saved configurations, and a "reboot with config" button is what I'm thinking... Very useful for those with multi-band MMDVM boards and multiple modes... (eg. DMR on VHF, D-Star on UHF and P25 on 900)

Thank you!

PS: This may also help those who make changes, get stuck, and would otherwise need to reimage/rebuild, but I've never done that!! :lol: :lol:
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Re: Reboot with a specific mmdvm config

Post by ke8dpf »

Such a feature would, I agree, be nice.

There would be great benefit to:
A.) "Create" a new (fresh) config
B.) "Clone" an existing config to a new copy (which the user could then modify without risk to the original config)
C.) "Modify" the new config
D.) "Select" a config to run with

I picture all relevant config files being stashed away in directories named after a user-chosen name for the config ("MY WORKING CONFIG", "MY TEST CONFIG", etc.), and then those files from the selected config all copied into place as the "live" files (and services then restarted), and so on.
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Re: Reboot with a specific mmdvm config

Post by M1DNS »

You can do this now using pistars backup feature.

Create ur config. Save a backup. Give it a name.

Create a new config. Save it. Give it a different name.

Do it as many times as you want, but ensure you rename each saved backup.

Then run the restore feature and pull in the backup config you need.

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