YSF service not started warning

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YSF service not started warning

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Dear OM colleagues,

I point out that in YSF mode, both with simplex and duplex hotspots, and with YSF repeaters that use the pi-star platform, trying to connect a node that is not in the YSF host list (e.g. a Wires-X node) immediately user dashboard indicates "SERVICE NOT STARTED" in the YSF Network pane, while in the Network Status pane the indicator turns RED.
The box related to YSFGateway also goes out.

This YSF service block condition persists for a time ranging from 2 to 7 minutes, then the system returns to operation with the service connected to the departure room set by default in the pistar programming.

The tests carried out with hs-hat simplex, hs dual-hat, both in multimode and single mode YSF and with C4FM repeater only YSF, resulted in the blocking of the YSF service with the times described above; the other modes (if they were previously enabled) remain fully operational.
Also the version of the pi-star used does not seem to affect the indicator behavior (in use ver. 4.1.6).

I ask if this behavior is desired and if so what are the parameters on which to act to enable / disable it or adjust the intervention / recovery times; or if the blocking time is completely random and not managed by a timer.

Thanks for your attention and waiting for your information I send you a cordial greeting.

73 'de IZ0MXY Antonio JN61GV
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