zum elite 3.5-ports and whistles

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zum elite 3.5-ports and whistles

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I've added an ELITE 3.5 lcd zumspot radio to my collection. it's up and running perfectly.
What I want to know is what are the external connections for?
next to the pwr connector are 2 usb (TYPE?) and next to that is what
looks like a connection for a speaker? as well as the USB and USB 3.0 connections.
can't seem to find any docs pertaining to them.
anyone know what they all are for?
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Re: zum elite 3.5-ports and whistles

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It isn't quite clear where you see these ports.

Based upon Zum's website, the elite 3.5 is a complete package with LCD and R-Pi 4. Presuming your mystery ports are on the R-Pi 4, then looking up R-Pi 4 documentation would be the proper step.

FYI: The R-Pi 4 has TWO (mini) HDMI (video) ports between a USB-C power input and a stereo audio jack. There are two USB-3 and two USB-2 ports on the end, next to the RJ-45 Ethernet

Dennis L Bieber
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