Pistar, alternatives to Rasperry Pi boards?

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Re: Pistar, alternatives to Rasperry Pi boards?

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Since there is already a shell for MangoPi already written in Deb OS ! I will play with ‚‚hybridization‚‚ what is important to me is that I can put the PiStar files on it in the service of the MMDVM modem and the functioning of the future hotspot !!!

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Re: Pistar, alternatives to Rasperry Pi boards?

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Interesting discussion.

When you could buy Raspberry Pi foundation boards at their "official" price, I make the calculus that porting the software to the number of excellent Allwinner/Rockchip boards out of China was something would have a relatively small interest/payback for the time investment.

The best software support and commitment to long-term board production seems to come from the Shenzen Xulong https://www.orangepi.com/ group.

The big catch is most of their boards use the 26-pin (RPIv1) layout .. so, you'd have to build a HAT adapter to use most MMDVM modem boards.

Some clever vendors on AliExpress seem have done exactly that. https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804339883434.html .. but why use the ONE board in that form factor that DOESN'T have WiFi?

I (sort) of miss the days when tech bros, flush with VC money, would fund small hardware projects like this just to have bragging rights..
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