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Zumspot 3.5 Elite

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Hello. Newbie in the Pistar world so please bear with me. I recently purchased the Zumspot 3.5 elite from HRO and have everything up and running fine. I have a question on the 3.5mm audio jack (is it audio out?) though, is it enabled by default and if so, can it be used to monitor live traffic on the zumspot using a speaker/speakers without having my ht turned on? Would be a nice feature if I just wanted to listen to what was going on without having my radio on. I really love this hotspot and so far, it has worked flawless!! Thanks for any help.
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Re: Zumspot 3.5 Elite

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No. Theres no ability to pull audio out of the pi.

Whats pulled into the pi is the digital stream (1s n 0s) With no AMBE vocoder in place (to do the D to A conversion) theres no ability to get an audio feed.

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