No audio from NXDN?

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No audio from NXDN?

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Only just recently noticed, (dont monitor NXDN too often), there is no audio coming out of my Icom NXDN radio.

I can TX and link to the various TG's. (50525)

I can see traffic on the dashboard from a connected TG and can head the audio on another linked mode of 50525.

I see my repeater (MMDVM) TXing and the signal is seen on the ICOM display.

Just no audio.

Has there been a recent change to the NXDN side of things?

I also do not hear the "connected to....." from any TG I try to link to.

Rebooted the PI, Radio, Repeater. Still no go.

Thanks for the look in.


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Re: No audio from NXDN?

Post by F4CZX »


I've the same issue on a simplex NXDN node with a BI7JTA MMDVM board on a RPi 3 B : no audio in TX and no PTT led when traffic outgoing from VoIP or from Pi-Star for TG information BUT all information are correctly seen on dashboard.

Any idea ?

Maybe simplex node function is not available in NXDN mode ?


Damien / F4CZX
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