Problems with sending in DMR Talkgroups - nothing happend

MMDVM_HS Hat hardware
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Problems with sending in DMR Talkgroups - nothing happend

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i am really new at using DMR and MMDVM and have a problem with sending voice in a talkgroup.

My configuration is:
MMDVM Dual Hat 1.5.2 with Pi-Star 4.1.6 at Pi
AnyTone AT-D878UV II
Only Brandmeister network
TS 1 Talkgroup static: 262, 263
TS 2 Talkgroup static: 2628, 26289

I want to talk at TG 26289 in TS 2:

In case of 75 % it works fine. In the rest of cases, i push PTT, the TRX is going in TX mode and show me to send at TS2 in TG 26289. But there is no incoming voice in TG 26289. I tried it myself at Brandmeister hose and cant see my callsign at the website in this TG.
At the website of my Pi-Star i also can not see my call. It is showing nothing.
When i stop sending and push PTT again, it works.

I can not repeat this in a special case. It happens sometimes without logic. In a QSO i dont know wether the other OM can listen to me.

How can i check this problem? Does anybody know about that?

Thank you for your help.

73, Tobias
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